Conference: Navigating the Indonesian Market for startups

June 22
Online + Offline
  • Founders and CEO of Top Indonesian Startups
  • Networking and Q&A Sessions

Opportunities and Prospects by

For over a year, Hegai has been helping startups break into the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. Our Bali and Jakarta chapters already gathered 80+ people, we’ve launched a coworking space, held over 20 events with experts on these markets, and founded an accelerator and a Southeast Asia business tour.

It’s time for startups to launch on overseas markets. Western markets are currently stagnant, and the Southeast Asian market is emerging as a super promising avenue for business growth. It’s displaying steady growth and is wide open for IT companies and startups

Why Indonesia, you ask?

52 million people in the middle class

And that number isn't slowing down. By 2030, we're looking at a crowd of 118 million

Over the past 10 years, >100 million people have come online

+5% a rock-solid GDP growth

That's a whole lot of potential users
These Indonesian powerhouses are among the top 10 most valuable in the world
Since the turn of the millennium, Indonesia has multiplied its GDP by four - that's some serious scaling

And don't forget about the local 'unicorns'.

What you’ll learn at the conference

  • Everything about the Indonesian market

    the cultural, economic, and social aspects of Indonesia that are essential for doing business, all straight from local experts and successful entrepreneurs
  • Fundraising in the Indonesian market

    understand the opportunities and unique aspects of raising capital in this vibrant ecosystem
  • Lifehacks in the Indonesian market

    learn proven tips and tricks from local entrepreneurs to fast-track your success
  • Typical mistakes founders make when entering this market

    we’ll have a candid discussion about the main pitfalls and challenges you can avoid, with founders who are already doing their thing in this market

Who will benefit?

  • Startup CEOs and founders
    Gain specific insights and strategies for entering the Indonesian market, including marketing, sales and fundraising. This is your shot to avoid typical mistakes and significantly speed up your market entry
  • C-level
    Efficiently plan and execute projects to expand your business into new markets
  • VCs and Angel investors
    Get to know promising startups that are launching or already operating in foreign markets. Plus, dive deep into the market specifics for a more accurate prediction of investment project success


Vadim Iunusov

CEO at Taxi Maxim Indonesia

Cynthia Susinto

CEO & Co-founder at Pin’J

Ivan Gorkovenko


Vincent Henry Iswaratioso

CEO at DANA Indonesia

Ilya Kravtsov

Serial Tech Entrepreneur in fin-tech space
Co-Founder at Ringkas
Core Mentor at Plug and Play Indonesia
Advisor at Antler

Yousuf A

Business Director at Dways

Event Timeline

UTC +8
Conference Opening and Participant Meet-and-Greet
UTC +8
The main mistakes when launching products in the Indonesian market
Vadim Iunusov, CEO at Taxi Maxim Indonesia
UTC +8
Why fintech projects are promising in Indonesia?
Cynthia Susinto, CEO & Co-Founder Pin'J
UTC +8
How to build a strong team and distribution strategy in SEA
Ivan Gorkovenko, CEO at IVITECH FINANCE

UTC +8
Networking Time

UTC +8
How to launch fintech projects in Indonesia?
Vincent Henry Iswaratioso, CEO at DANA Indonesia
UTC +8
How to build fundraising in the Indonesian market?
Ilya Kravtsov
Serial Tech Entrepreneur in fin-tech space
Co-Founder at Ringkas
Core Mentor at Plug and Play Indonesia
Advisor at Antler
UTC +8
Digital marketing in the Indonesian market: channels and metrics
Yousuf A, Business Director at Dways

Networking: Your Golden Ticket to success in Indonesia

Build a network with local founders, investors, and potential advisors during the networking sessions at the conference

At this power-packed event, you can:

Engage in Q&A sessions with our guest speakers
Connect with industry leaders
Find a partner, mentor, or advisor on your entrepreneurial journey

Introducing the Conference Organizers


    We’re a dynamic community of 800+ individuals with unique backgrounds and common goals.

    Our community includes startup founders, investors, mentors, and IT experts from over 40 countries around the world
  • GuideStar

    Our mission is to help companies break into and thrive in the Indonesian market.

    From market research to partnership negotiation, we provide comprehensive support to save you time and maximize your success

Our Contribution to the Startup Community in Indonesia

For over a year, we’ve been assisting startups in entering the Southeast Asian market
80+ members in our Indonesia chapter
We offer coworking space and offline events
Organize accelerator program and business tours throughout Southeast Asia
We've hosted 20+ events and workshops with Southeast Asia experts

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Will there be recordings of the presentations?

Yes! At the end of the day, the recordings of the presentations will be immediately shared in the conference chat and you will be able to watch them.

After the conference, you will have access to recordings with summaries and all other conference materials

What if I miss some of the presentations?

No worries! You’ll have access to recordings of each presentation, so you can catch up on anything you missed!

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers in the private chat, ensuring you get the information you need

I’m in Bali, what will happen at the offline event?

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to join the live streaming of the conference
  2. We’ll also have an offline networking session with the best IT community in Bali
  3. We’ll gather at the Hegai coworking space, where we’ll provide light snacks and create a warm networking atmosphere after the conference

To participate in the offline viewing of the livestream, simply check the box indicating that you’re in Bali when you complete the registration/payment process.

Will there be access to speaker presentations?


After the conference, you will have access to recordings and all conference materials, including the speaker presentations

What happens after payment?

After payment, our manager will reach out to you on Telegram and add you to the private participants' chat.

There you will find all the information, speakers, conference materials, and links

Why should I attend your conference?

  1. Our conference features founders and C-level executives from successful startups and unicorns who have already navigated the market and achieved remarkable results
  2. You’ll experience engagement, genuine interest, friendliness, and openness from all conference participants
  3. It’s an opportunity to start building your network in a new market and avoid numerous pitfalls along the way