We merge entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide and help them grow through emotional communication.

Our tools will help you strengthen your environment, get the right connections and accomplish your objectives much faster
Community and networking platform
Heg.ai platform
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Community Tools
Mentoring and investment
You’ll meet interesting people and create your own strong environment through the community
Members database by Tag Filter, chat with the coordinator and personal intros enable you to quickly find a person with required competencies and to fulfill your requests
We provide venture ecosystem connections with founders, investors, mentors and specialists
Informal communication at meetups, camps and retreats will give you energy and insights
Networking accelerates startup growth, team building, fundraising etc.
Watch a video about what you can do with networking ↓
Pavel Hegai on how to change your standard of living by simply changing the habit of building long term relationships with other founders, VC, experts and other fascinating people
Pavel Hegai -
Community founder
"Emotional networking is about help. It’s not even about short term profit-making, but rather deep long term relationships — this forms my social asset"
Entrepreneurial experience
  • CEO of AI startup
    Pavel launched the Romantic AI startup with two co-founders in September 2021

    Work with artificial intelligence and texts helping to helo create conversational products for the adult/dating industries

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  • Co-Founder and Development Director of LikeXR
    Brought the company to a leading position in the country in the development of virtual and augmented reality

    Company created the coolest team and built processes through networking

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  • Founder of the international community Heg.ai
    Launched a networking course that has grown into an international community heg.ai of entrepreneurs and specialists from all over the world, aimed at helping to enter foreign markets
What you get joining the community
You get value in two directions: hard and soft
A supportive atmosphere, events and informal communication will help you to establish long-term relationships. Our technological product makes it easier to find people with the right competencies and solve your queries.
Networking product
We have created a personal chat for you with the coordinator, where you can request an intro with any member. We’ll give you access to the database of members, companies and vacancies — you can use it to find the right people
Startup and business development
We introduce venture funds and angel investors into the community, find an expert or adviser to work with a startup on a permanent basis, help to scale up and enter foreign markets
Personal brand
We share the articles with members, host webinars and share them on our channels. We also share news about your projects with our subscribers
Events and communication
We hold Offline events: meetups, camps and retreats — provide your communications there and get energy and insights. We also have an Online option: intro, Random Coffee format and Online meetups — we make it cozy and informal
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